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Creating Shared VMDK for WSFC in VSAN 7.0.2

In this post we will create A shared vmdk for windows failover cluster with 2 nodes .

We have already seen how to create failover cluster in my previous posts. link1 and link2

So i will not be discussing the creation in details.

I will keep the post only for adding the disk to the vm.

vSAN 6.7 Update 3 and later releases support SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations (SCSI3-PR) on a virtual disk level required by Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) to arbitrate access to a shared disk between nodes. Support of SCSI-3 PRs enables configuration of WSFC with a disk resource shared between VMs natively on vSAN datastores.

Setup details


vm1: mscluster-n1

vm2: mscluster-n2

We have the vm running on vsan and the next is to create a shared vmdk on the vsan datastore.

1) Power off all the vms of the failover cluster.

2) We would configure the controller on the vm one by one.

We would add the scsi controller 1 first and configure change type as vmware paravirtual and scsi bus sharing as physical.

2)Now we would add disk.

Right click on the vm and click on edit setting.

3)Click on add new device > hard disk.

4)Expand the hard disk and chose browse option from location and choose the vsan datastore for the disk as shown below.

5)Select the virtual device node as scsi controller 1

also note the disk file location.

6) Repeat the same step on second vm and add the existing disk.

7) Once done power on the vm and check the availability of the new disk.

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