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( Part-2)Powering on vsan Cluster

Power on the ESXi hosts.

Power on the physical box where ESXi is installed. The ESXi host starts, locates the VMs, and functions normally.

If any hosts fail to restart, you must manually recover the hosts or move the bad hosts out of the vSAN cluster.

When all the hosts are back after powering on, exit all hosts from maintenance mode. If the vCenter Server is powered off, use the following command on the ESXi hosts to exit maintenance mode.

esxcli system maintenanceMode set -e false

2. Log in to one of the hosts in the cluster other than the witness host.

Run the following command only on that host. If you run the command on multiple hosts concurrently, it may cause a race condition causing unexpected results.

python /usr/lib/vmware/vsan/bin/ recover

The command returns and prints the following:

Cluster reboot/power-on is completed successfully!

3. Verify that all the hosts are available in the cluster by running the following command on each host.

esxcli vsan cluster get

  1. Enable cluster member updates from vCenter Server by running the following command on the ESXi hosts in the cluster. Ensure that you run the following command on all the hosts.

esxcfg-advcfg -s 0 /VSAN/IgnoreClusterMemberListUpdates



4. Verify again that all the hosts are participating in the vSAN cluster by running the following command on each host.

esxcli vsan cluster get




Restart the remaining VMs through vCenter Server.

Check the vSAN health service and resolve any outstanding issues.

  1. (Optional) If the vSAN cluster has vSphere Availability enabled, you must manually restart vSphere Availability to avoid the following error: Cannot find vSphere HA master agent.

To manually restart vSphere Availability, select the vSAN cluster and navigate to:

  1. Configure > Services > vSphere Availability > EDIT > Disable vSphere HA

  2. Configure > Services > vSphere Availability > EDIT > Enable vSphere HA

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