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Vcenter 8.0 overview and installation requirements

vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for management, operation, resource provisioning, and performance evaluation of virtual machines and hosts. . Below is the flow for the installation.

vCenter Server Components and Services

All the components of vcenter is deployed with the appliance. No more different PSC deployment starting from 7.0.

  1. The authentication services contain vCenter Single Sign-On, License service, Lookup Service, and VMware Certificate Authority.

  2. The vCenter Server group of services contains

vCenter Server,

vSphere Client,

vSphere Auto Deploy

vSphere ESXi Dump Collector.


VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager Extension service

VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager.

The vCenter Server appliance package contains the following software:

Photon OS® 3.0

The vSphere authentication services n PostgreSQL

VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager Extension

VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager Version 8.0 of vCenter Server is deployed with virtual hardware version 10, which supports 64 virtual CPUs per virtual machine in ESXi.

Deployment of vcenter

Vcenter can be deployed in 2 ways

1) GUI its a 2 stage process one deployment and second the services installation.

2) Cli this uses a json file previously prepared.

Hardware Requirements for the vCenter Server Appliance

Required Ports for vCenter Server

check the below link for details

DNS Requirements for the vCenter Server Appliance

A static IP should be assigned with both forward and reverse lookup.

vSphere Client Software Requirements

System Requirements for the vCenter Server Installer

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