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Vcenter developer center-API Explorer

Vcenter developer center

The Developer Center provides tools to manage API structure and to capture user actions to translate them into executable code.

It provide tools for automation experts, devops engineers, and developers to find the resources to manage API structures and to capture vSphere Client actions and find equavalent scripts for PowerCLI.


Using the API Explorer


The API Explorer helps you to browse and invoke vSphere REST APIs supported by the system and provides information and context around the API calls.

With the API Explorer, you can choose an API endpoint from your environment and retrieve a list of vSphere REST APIs. You can review details like available parameters, expected responses, and response status codes, and you can invoke the APIs against the live environment. The available APIs depend on the role of the selected endpoint.


1)      Open vsphere client web page on the browser and go to Developer Center.

2)      Select the API Explorer tab

3)      From select endpoint select the endpoint from dropdown menu.(here end point is the vcenter)

And select the API from drip down as shown below.


4)      The filter box at the top right side is used to filter the API catagories.(we tried with vm)

5)      Lets expand the first api categories vm and see the options.

There are get delete and post options. Post and delete make changes and get is a command to list the output.






 6)    To invoke the method against the live environment, click Execute.

a.      If a warning dialog box appears, click Yes.

The result for the invoked method appears in the response box



7)      To copy the result for the invoked method to your clipboard, click Copy Response

8)      To download the result for the invoked method, click Download.

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