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Vcenter 8.0 Installation GUI

We are installing vCENTER 8.0 in esxi 8.0.

1)we have already downloaded the vcenter iso from the customer connect.

2) Go to the folder vcsa-ui-installer >win32 and click on installer application.

3) Click on install since we are doing installation. click next on the introduction page.

Stage 1 would start here.

4) Accept the EULA and click next.

5) Click yes on the certificate.

6)Set the vmname and root password and click next.

7) choose the deployment size in my case it is tiny for home lab and click next

8) choose the datastore and click next.

9) provide the network setting and click next.

10) verify every thing and click finish.

11) stage 1 would start.

12) once the stage 1 completes click on continue.

Stage 2

1) Click on next on the introduction wizard.

2) Set the time sync mode and ssh access and click on next.

3)login to the vcenter root.

4) Enter the sso domain and password and click next.

5) click on next on the CEIP wizzard.

6)Click on finish.

7)click on ok on the warning .

8) stage 2 installation starts .

9) Stage 2 completes. Click on close.

11)put the url on the browser .

12) launch the vsphere client.

vcenter installation is complete.

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