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Vcenter 8.0 Cli installation

1 In the vCenter Server installer, navigate to the vcsa-cli-installer directory, and open the templates subfolder.

2 Copy the deployment templates from the install subfolder to your workspace.

In our case 1st template as we will be deploying on esxi.

3) different templates

4)enter the below details.

5) Use elevated command prompt and Navigate to the vcsa-cli-installer subdirectory for your operating system.

If you are running the deployment on Windows OS, navigate to the vcsa-cliinstaller\win32 directory.

6) (Optional) Run a pre-deployment check without deploying the appliance to verify that you prepared the deployment template correctly.

vcsa-deploy install --accept-eula --acknowledge-ceip --precheck-only C:\Users\mkhus\OneDrive\Desktop\embedded_vCSA_on_ESXi.json

7) After the successful execution of pre check we will run the installation.

vcsa-deploy install --accept-eula --acknowledge-ceip C:\Users\mkhus\OneDrive\Desktop\embedded_vCSA_on_ESXi.json

8) After the successful deployment of vcsa lets check the vcsa url on the browser.

9) click on launch vsphere client.

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