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UPGRADE ESXI HOST 6.7 to 7.0U2 (Part 2)

Upgrade ESXi host through vcenter life cycle manager.

we can see the version of esxi host as 6.7 in the below screenshot.

1) Click on the home page of the vcenter server and click on shotcuts as shown on the left pannel.

then click on life cycle manger.

2)on life cycle manager page click on Imported iso and click on import iso.

3) Browse to the location of iso for 7.0 u2a which we have already downloaded and click on import.

4) Once the iso is uploaded it would show as below

5) Once upload is done we would create a base line.

click on new base line.

enter the name a discription and click next.

6) Select the ISO and click next

7)On the summary page check the details and click finish.

Now we have created the base line.

8) Go to the host that needs upgrade and click on updates.

9) Go to the baseline as shown in the screenshot and click on attach baseline or baseline group.

10) once done attach the baseline we created.

11) Once done click on check compliance.

12) we can see there is a non compliant base line shown.

13)Under ready to remediate click on pre-check remediation.

14) we can see there is no issue in the precheck for remediation.

Click on done

15) Now select the base line we created from the attached baseline and click on remediate to upgrade the host.

16) Accept the EULA page and click ok.

17) click on remediate to upgrade the host.

18) we can see the remediation process in the task bar.

Once done we can see the host upgraded to 7.0U2a version.

This concludes the upgrade process of our esxi host.

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