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NSX T Manager Configuration

This blog will cover the remaining topic for configuration.

we will see how to prep a host here with n-vds and converged vds for transport nodes.

1)First thing we would perform here is create a Uplink profile.

Click on the system > fabric > profiles in the nsx-t management page.

2) Click on add profile

And fill the form.

i have not done any thing in the lags and teaming i have taked one uplink as active and one stand by.

rest every thing i have kept as default.

The transport vlan is kept as 0 as i will not be able to create a vlan due to limitations on workstation but in actual production we can give a value of transport vlan .

3) Now we will create a n-vds

we have on 7.0 version and running management port in 6.6 vds.

As shown we will go to system>fabric> nodes

And select the esxi host.

4) Click on configure NSX.

5)select the transport zone(the default are selected) and the nioc profile(default selected here)

the uplink profile is also selected here. (the one we created is selected)

6)lldp profile is the default and the ip assignement is selected as static as I don't have dhcp.

7)Now for uplink port we don't have a nic so we have to free one nic from the esxi host dv switch.

8)we have selected the nic for uplink here and click on finish

9) We can see the host prepared now. also we can see on vcenter a new Switch created.

10) Now we will see how to create a port group in n-vds.

we can't do any thing in the n-vds from vcenter. we have to do this from nsx manager UI.

we would create segments in nsx manager for the portgroup creation.

On the nsx manager networking>segments>Add segement

11) Fill the for as shown for nsx vlan transport zone.

12) we would also cretae a segment for overlay network.

13) we can see the 2 segements created in the nsx manager as well as vcenter as shown below.

Now we will see the node prep with converged vds .

1) Go to system>fabric> nodes

and select the cluster or individual host that needs the converged vds.

Here we are doing the cluster configurtation so cluster is selected.

2) Click on configure NSX. In the NSX installation we can see option to select transport node profile.

If the profile is not created the click on create new transport node profile.

3) On the add transport node profile give the name of the profile and select vds option.

select the vcenter, switch and the transport zones.

4)Add the uplink profile which we have created in last post , IP Assignment from ip pool which already we have created as shown below. Also add the uplinks and click on save.

5)We can see the transport node profile created. and we would apply the profile to the cluster.

6)Once applied we can see the below progress.

7)We can see the success shwon for each esxi host as below.

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