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Edge Design, Networking and Deployment.

Edge Nodes

It is a junction to communicate to the overlay networks.( any communication to the internet or outside NSX-T environment) for vms is possible through Edge nodes only. It is not applicable for vlan-based network.

Edge node comes in two forms

1) VM (virtual environment)

2) Bare metel

An Edge is a container that runs multiple routers.

Edge networking

Here we will discuss the setup we have for Edge networking.

For my lab environment

I have 2 esxi nodes for management node(NSX not configured on them).My edge node would be sitting on management nodes.

And 3 esxi host in a cluster configured for NSX and production.

I have vlan50 for my outside edge networking I am using one vlan as this is a lab environment.

This is right and left vlan id. This vlans will be new network segment used to reach upstream routers.

These need to be configured in two places.

On physical network and on vsphere host where edge is deployed.

We already have a management port which will be used for the edge management. and also tep port configured.

Before we start with creation of Edges we also have to create transport zones and segments for edges.

1) On NSX manager go to system> Fabric>Transport zones and click on add zone

2)Give the name of the transport zone and click on vlan as we are creating vlan transport zone for edge.Click on add.

3) Once done we can see the edge on the list of edges.

4) Now we will create segment.

On the nsx manager go to Networking>Segments and click on Add segment.

5)Give the name of segment and select the transport zone we created earlier and also give the vlanid of the segment as shown below.

6)click on save once done.

7) Click on no as we don't have to configure it any more.

8)Now the next is Uplink profile for Edge .

we will go to NSX manager to system>Fabric>profile and click on Add Profile.

9) Give the profile name, uplink and vlan id as shown below and click Add.

10)Now Lets start with deployment of edges.

On NSX manager go to system>Fabric>nodes>Edge transport Nodes.And click on add edge node.

11)We would give the name of the edge.

We have to make sure the DNS entry for edge is already there with the DNS.

I have Chosen the form factor as small as this is a lab environment.

Under the advanced option the cpu and memory reservation is chosen as 0.

Click next.

12) we would set the cli ,root and Audit credentials here.

13)Select the vcenter cluster resource pool and datastore in the configure deployment.

And move next.

14)On Configure node fill the ip for management and choose the management vlan.

Also give the DNS and NTP details.

15)The last step for edge is configuring the edge.

we would select the switch name here. once done then select the transport zone and overlay zone as shown.

We would select the uplink profile which was created earlier.

We would also select the static ip for the node vtep.

Select the uplink as show below.

once done click on finish and then it starts deployment.

once done we would see the below success status.

we can see the edge vm deployed in our vcenter server.

16)Now the next is to configure Edge cluster.

Click on System >Fabric>Nodes>Edge Clusters in the nsx manager.

Click on add Edge Cluster.

Give the name of Edge cluster and select the member edge node from available.

As i have created only one node se selected that one.(this is only for lab in production you can have multiple edge nodes)

Move the edge node from available to selected. and click on add.

Below is the edge cluster configured

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