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Preparing vsan cluster step by step (Part 2)

In the last part we have configured our hosts now we will continue with creation of vsan cluster.

Creation of vsan cluster

1) Right click on the datacenter and click on the new cluster.

2)Here we will select all the services HA, DRS and vSAN click ok.

2) click finish

3) Add the hosts to the cluster from add host option in quick start .

4) On the quick start page we are getting the below error.

All are fixed by

5) Click on configure on the quick start configure cluster option.

Since i have already configure the dv switches i will check on the checkbox configure network setting later and proceed.

6)we will keep every thing as default in the advanced option and proceed next.

7)Under claim disk we have selected 3 disks as capacity and 1st disk as cache for each host.

only host4 is shown in the screenshot. the other hosts have same configuration.

8) Keeping this as default and moving next as CEIP is not required for my setup.

9) We will keep no proxy setting here and proceeding next.

10) last page of the wizard is the review where we will check the setting done and once satisfied we will proceed with finish.

11) once every thing is done the final configuration will be shown as green tick for configure host as shown below.

12) we can see hosts moved out of maintenance mode.

13) The last part is to assign the vsan license .

Go to cluster and click on configuration>licensing>vsan cluster

14) Click on assign license on the top right hand side.

chose the right lisence and click ok.

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