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(Part 1)Shutdown vsan cluster

The post is for shutting down the Vsan Cluster . Many a times these situation comes where we need to do maintanance or movement of the vsan cluster. in these situations we need to do a shutdown of the vsan cluster.

Below are the steps to be performed.

1)      Check the vsan health service to make sure the cluster is healthy.

2) we need to make sure all the vms are powered off othere than critical servers like vcenter, DNS, Active Directory etc.a. If file service is enabled in the vSAN cluster, do not power off "vSAN File Service Node (x)" VM.

In our case we have no vms on the cluster now as we have migrated them to another cluster.

3) Click the Configure tab and turn off HA. As a result, the cluster does not register host shutdowns as failures.

For vSphere 7.0 U1 and later, enable vCLS retreat mode. For more information, see the VMware knowledge base article at .

4) Verify that all resynchronization tasks are complete.

Click the Monitor tab and select vSAN > Resyncing Objects

5) Disable cluster member updates from vCenter Server by running the following command on the ESXi hosts in the cluster. Ensure that you run the following command on all the hosts.

esxcfg-advcfg -s 1 /VSAN/IgnoreClusterMemberListUpdates

I have 2 hosts I ran on 2 hosts

6) Log in to any host in the cluster other than the witness host.

7) Run the following command only on that host. If you run the command on multiple hosts concurrently, it may cause a race condition causing unexpected results.

python /usr/lib/vmware/vsan/bin/ prepare

The command returns and prints the following:


Cluster preparation is done.

8) Place all the hosts into maintenance mode with No Action. If the vCenter Server is powered off, use the following command to place the ESXi hosts into maintenance mode with No Action.

9) After all hosts have successfully entered maintenance mode, perform any necessary maintenance tasks and power off the hosts.

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