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ISCSI target service in vSAN

ISCSI target service was introduced mainly for clustered application and storage for operating systems.

We need to note here

vSAN iSCSI target service does not support other vSphere or ESXi clients or initiators, third-party hypervisors, or migrations using raw device mapping (RDMs).

1) We have to enable the vSAN iscsi service. click on cluster>configure> vSAN>services

Click on enable.

2)Enable the iscsi service and add the details.

3) we can see the iscsi option enabled on the right top corner.

4)Now the iscsi is ready to be configured.

5)Creating ISCSI target

Click add button

Fill the details . If one don't want to fill the iqn that is ok system will automatically generate it.

just name the Alias and keep the remaining as default and click apply.

we can see the target added.

6) Add the lun to the target.

7)once lun is added we will see the no of luns changed in the target.

8) We will keep the default to the initiator.

9) We can check the lun on one of our windows server.

10) We can see our LUN discovered below

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